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A wooden steel stringed zither, or lap harp, painted brown and black with gold trim around the sounds hole and a golden eagle decal.

A photo of the Zetterkapf family.

Front row L-R
-Baby Maria
-Anna Margaretha (Emma)
-Eva Rathareia
-Katherine (Middle)

Back Row L-R
-Phillip Jr.

Coming out of the civil rights era in the mid- and late-1970s, there was a lot of emphasis placed on community improvement and racial uplift. This image of young people participating in a “Community Clean-up Day” captures that spirit.

This is an image of article from the Omaha Star newspaper. The clipping does not include the entire article, but it is about a benefit for a paralyzed high school student from North Omaha. The caption reads, "Merry as Vernon Brown would have them,…

Omaha native Wynonie "Mr. Blues" Harris plays to a packed crowd at The Dreamland Ballroom. Harris had a number of hits in the late 1940s and early 1950s, and was on a national tour out of New York City at the time of this photo. For interviews and…

These are Shadow boxes put together with photos, patches, medals, and pins from the time Wyman Nemecek served in the United States Army Air Force (USAAF) during World War Two. Wyman was a tail gunner and flew in forty-two missions in the South…

This WW2 German Nazi K-98 Waffen SS bayonet would have fit on a Kar-98 rifle. This item is fairly rare due to the fact that the belt is with the bayonet and also that the scabbar is included.

WW2 US M1A2-1-1 Non-Combatant Gas Mask

This is a US homefront item. As issued during World War II. This is a gas mask that was issued to civilians in the cities of the United States. Complete with canvas carrying case and instructions…

World War II French and German dictionary and translator. This dictionary would have been used by a French speaking person to translate into German or vise versa. A dictionary like this would have been vital for communication between people in Europe…
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