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The stones were architectural decorative elements originally located on the facade of the Kearney, Nebraska, Opera House which opened on May 1, 1891. The Opera House hosted entertainment, graduations, and other community events until May 14, 1932,…

A Surveyor's Map of Kearney circa 1978. It was too large to be scanned, so it had to be photographed. It was brought into the Harvest by UNK's own Dr. Roger Davis.

This framed photograph was brought to the harvest by Carol and Ken Fritzler of Broken Bow, NE

This framed photo was brought in by Carol and Ken Fritzler of Broken Bow, NE and donated to the Buffalo County Historical Society

Colored postcard with a picture of the Buffalo County Courthouse. It is addressed to Mr. J. W. Frey of Omaha, Nebraska.

Colored postcard of the old Buffalo County Courthouse in Kearney, Nebraska. The postcard is addressed to Mrs. Ernest Danielson of Sutherland, Nebraska.

Photography by S.D. Butcher of people row boating and enjoying the "Glenwood Park Resort" and that a "Mr. C. Nelson" [Charles Nelson] owns the Prop. [Property]

Colored postcard showing the Midway Hotel and the Soldier's Monument dedicated to those who served in the Civil War and the Spanish-American War. The Midway Hotel burned down, but the monument still stands in Kearney. The Midway Hotel was named for…

A Tin Glasses Case owned by an Edward Halcks of Dobytown, Nebraska. Date inscribed is September (10th?) 1879
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