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Black and white postcard of a Barnum & Bailey parade in Kearney, Nebraska on Central Avenue. The parade shows men riding on elephants down Central Ave. The postcard is from F. M. Barney, an early resident of Elm Creek and early photographer,…

Cast-iron horse tack (#13) from Kearney, Nebraska found by Merwyn Henderson.

Two mammoth teeth found by Merwyn Henderson near the Platte River in a gravel pit south of Kearney, Nebraska.

Remains of a buffalo found near the Platte River in the 1930s by Merwyn Henderson. One is a tool (hoe or bone scraper, possibly) made from a buffalo shoulder bone, found near Fort Kearney and possibly originally from the Pawnee. The second is two…

A piece of chain with links intact. Probably originally metal due to the amount of rust. Found by Merwyn Henderson at/near Fort McPherson in Nebraska.

Four round, lead ball bullets. Found by Merwyn Henderson at/near Fort McPherson.

Four old bullets that have been fired. Found at/near Fort McPherson in Nebraska by Merwyn Henderson.
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