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Original Certificate of Training completion for Sgt. Jimmy Ray White of Kearney, Nebraska. The certificate was awarded to Jimmy after he completed the Aircrew Egress Systems Repair Technician Course at the Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota.…

Original Honorable Discharge Certificate for Jimmy Ray White. Jimmy was Andy (Andrew) White's father, originally from Kearney, Nebraska, and he served in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War. Jimmy passed away in 2004, after extensive…

Original pamphlet with detailed dedication services for the First Presbyterian Church building in 1922. The church still exists, but has moved out of its original building.

Book of photographs of the 1733 Ranch located on the Lincoln Highway outside of Kearney, Nebraska. The ranch's name came from its location: it was 1,733 miles from San Francisco, California, and 1,733 miles from Boston, Massachusetts.

Booklet of historic photographs of Kearney, Nebraska. The booklet is a souvenir from the Midway Hotel that used to be located near downtown Kearney, Nebraska.

Black and white photograph of a man and woman in an interior room (probably a photography studio, according to the photograph's donor). It might be a photograph of photographer Alfred T. Anderson of Nebraska.

Black and white photograph taken by Solomon D. Butcher of S. D. Butcher & Son Photography Studio. Photo shows downtown Kearney, Nebraska under construction near (or possibly on) Central Avenue.

Black and white postcard of a Barnum & Bailey parade in Kearney, Nebraska on Central Avenue. The parade shows men riding on elephants down Central Ave. The postcard is from F. M. Barney, an early resident of Elm Creek and early photographer,…

Black and white postcard, photograph taken by Solomon D. Butcher of S. D. Butcher & Son Photography Studio. It shows an older man sitting in front of a farm house with a bunch of farming equipment and miscellaneous objects. It is addressed to Mrs.…

Metal, red and gold colored miniature bank to promote the Fort Kearney State Bank of Kearney, Nebraska.
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