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Report of Transfer or Discharge for Jimmy Ray White. This particular report was for an Honorable Discharge. Jimmy, originally from Kearney, Nebraska, served in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War and was father to Andy White. Jimmy passed away…

Colored postcard showing the Midway Hotel and the Soldier's Monument dedicated to those who served in the Civil War and the Spanish-American War. The Midway Hotel burned down, but the monument still stands in Kearney. The Midway Hotel was named for…

Original paper deed for land ownership presented to Roswell D. Gould of Buffalo County, Nebraska in 1879, ancestor to Sara and Terrence Holoubeck. The deed was presented to Gould by the General Land Office at Grand Island, Nebraska of the United…

Original paper homestead certificate presented to Albert More of Grand Island in 1884, Nebraska from the General Land Office of the United States. Albert More is a familial ancestor of Sara and Terrence Holoubeck. The Homestead Act was passed by…

An original, paper Confirmation certificate in German dated 1900. First name is illegible, last name is Busch. Date is March 20, 1900. Artifact has colored ink artwork around writing, and was issued in Riverdale, Nebraska. This item is important…

Original wooden road marker for Fort Kearney Crossing. The dates on the front are 1848, 1871. The marker was installed in 1910 and found years later. The dates on the front mark when the trail to Fort Kearney crossed the Platte River from 1848-1871…

Wooden walking cane that has a hidden, detachable knife at the top. L.D. Powers, local Buffalo County enthusiast, carved the cane in January 1939. See associated article for further information.

Photography by S.D. Butcher of people row boating and enjoying the "Glenwood Park Resort" and that a "Mr. C. Nelson" [Charles Nelson] owns the Prop. [Property]

Colored postcard of the old City Hall of Kearney, Nebraska. Postcard is blank. On the back it says "Made in Germany."
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